“The mission of the Historic St. Mary’s City Commission is to preserve and protect the archaeological and historical record of Maryland’s first colonial capital and to appropriately develop and use this historic and scenic site for the education, enjoyment, and general benefit of the public.”

The Historic St. Mary's City Commission

Are you ready to step back in time? Then visit St. Mary’s City and watch history come to life. This area started with historian Lois Green Carr with under an acre of land. Now it’s more than 800 acres of history that you can experience yourself. Here are three reasons to visit!

The Maryland Dove

Maryland Dove is a replica of the first ship from England to Maryland, which sailed in 1634. It was designed by a naval architect and historian. The original was 42 tons and accompanied by its sister ship, the Ark. What was the 3-month journey across the Atlantic Ocean like for European settlers? What kind of technology did they have? How did they navigate, communicate, and live? Visitors to the dove learn and experience the answers to these questions.


St. Mary’s City Park

Looking for a place to visit during Indigenous Heritage Day? Why not stop at this amazing park? The descendants of the original people of Maryland are still here! You can learn how the indigenous people lived, and view performances by the Piscataway Nation Singers and Dancers. Plus there are excellent interpreters throughout the village.

Piscataway means “the people where the rivers blend.” This group of tribes resided together from Chesapeake Bay to the Potomac River. John Smith and William Claiborne were the first Europeans to engage with these natives when their ship landed in 1634. As the colony expanded, tensions rose between the natives and Europeans. They tried to settle their differences with treaties, but the colonists broke them all. Yet, the Piscataway people endured and they are still here.


Reconstructed State House

The 1676 State House was reconstructed in 1934 to celebrate Maryland’s 300th anniversary. It sits on about 1.3 acres of land and fits right in with the rest of this town steeped in history. If enjoy museum artifacts, mock trials, and other special historical demonstrations, you’ll love this place. There are no fees to visit and it’s open to the public.

If you’re looking for history, culture and a healthy dose of exercise in one place then check out this beloved town! The experience is worth the journey to this Maryland destination. Our blog post covers three reasons why it might be time to start planning your next trip there. Think about how much fun you can have onsite with interactive exhibits or by taking an educational tour around the grounds. We hope that our brief introduction has sparked some interest in visiting this historical site soon! Have any other questions about St. Mary’s City? Check out their website here. It’s full of great information about what they offer at all different times of year!

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