If you’re new to the area and looking for a place to live, we’ve compiled a list of Charles County’s 13 towns. There are a lot of great communities in this part of Maryland, and there’s more to say about them than we can in one post, but it should help you get started on your search!


We’d recommend that you spend time getting to know any community before making a decision about where you’ll be living. How can you do that?

  • Take some walks around town to get a feel for the neighborhoods.
  • Stop in at places you might visit regularly like the grocery store and bank.
  • Research the area online to find nearby jobs, recreation, and schools if you have little ones.

That said, here’s a quick rundown of some wonderful towns!


Waldorf is a quaint little town named after a local family. Located about 30 minutes from Washington DC, it’s a great place to live if you commute to the city. But the cost of living is high in Waldorf, almost 14% higher than the U.S. average.

It was originally settled as a train station crossroad, but over time it became more. This area is home to many historic sites including the Dr. Samuel Mudd House. That’s where John Wilkes Booth, suspected Confederate sympathizer and Lincoln’s alleged assassin, helped orchestrate one of America’s darkest days.

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La Plata

This charming community has a history that goes as far back as 1888. It’s named after a beloved river in Argentina, one that held a special place in the heart of one of La Plata’s original land owners. In 2002, the area experienced a terrible natural disaster. But the residents came together to renovate and restore their town.

Saint Charles

St. Charles is a planned community. This means that instead of organic growth producing a hodgepodge of homes and businesses, the entire area is planned out for maximum convenience. It provides residents with easy access to a wide variety of amenities.

Indian Head

Indian Head is located on the Potomac River and it’s best known for its nearby naval base. The base started as a gun testing facility, but now it’s much more than that. The teams stationed here support the navy, army, marines, and air force.

Port Tobacco

Before the American Revolution, Port Tobacco was a huge international seaport. It includes several historical sites like the Washington Burch House. Burch was an African American man who experienced quite a range of events in the evolution of this country. He was a slave, then a free citizen, and later a registered voter.

Other Towns in Charles County, MD

  • Bryans Road
  • Cobb Island
  • Pomfret
  • Bennsville
  • Potomac Heights

Charles County is a great place to live. It has 13 towns that offer different vibes and lifestyles, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re considering relocating to this area, find out more about what each town has to offer by doing research online or visiting in person. We hope you find the perfect place to live for your family!

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