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It’s very rare to find someone who doesn’t order from amazon these days. With that recent reality, the company is expanding now more than ever!  Amazon has recently expanded to Waldorf, MD! This is exciting news for not only residents of the city but also business owners. Now more than ever people are able to purchase products that were once difficult or impossible.

Amazon has set out on an ambitious plan to increase the number of their warehouses across the country in order to better serve customers and grow their business.

Now Hiring in Waldorf MD

Amazon is looking to add work-from-home employees for the Amazon Flex Program. The job is a great opportunity for anyone that has an active driver’s license and their own vehicle. Workers will be responsible for completing deliveries in their city or town, earning $18–25 per hour plus tips during peak delivery times on packages weighing less than 40 pounds.

You can pick your own schedule and be your own boss! You have no other passengers with you. Listen to music or your favorite podcast. In this job, you’re not just delivering packages, you’re delivering smiles. It’s a great way to get to know those in your community.

Working Conditions

They have been accused of mistreating their employees in the past which led to a $100 million dollar class action lawsuit settlement, however they have made changes and now offer several employee benefits including 401K matching and tuition assistance programs. The company also offers full-time employees maternity and parental leave, healthcare coverage starting on the first day of employment and compensation protection.

A Brief History Lesson of Amazon

This company is one of the world’s largest retailers. But there was a time when Jeff Bezos, who founded the company in 1994, had no idea what he wanted to sell on his site.

To find inspiration for the type of products that would be sold, Bezos decided to visit a bookstore and browse through their best sellers list. What he found surprised him—most of the items were books!  Bezos wondered if people would be interested in buying items besides books off of his website.

To test the idea, he went to a local mall and offered passersby $20 if they could name a product that might sell well. People guessed everything from software to CDs—but it turned out none of those were big sellers online at the time. What started out small has reached a popularity level that no one could possibly ever foresee.

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With new jobs opening up, you may be thinking, is Waldorf MD a good place to move my family? Find out all you need to know.