Wheels are an often overlooked part of a car that can have major effects on the performance, comfort, and safety of your drive. Having the wrong size for your car or truck can negatively affect gas mileage, handling ability, cornering speed, acceleration, braking distance, and more. This post will walk you through everything you need to know about vehicle wheel sizes so you can make sure to get it right next time around!
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Wheels VS Tires

What is a wheel? This might seem like a stupid question, but the word is often used interchangeably with the term tire. However, they’re not actually the same. The wheel is the circular metal object made up of the rim and disc that attaches to your axle. It kind of acts as a frame for the tire, which is the rubber that meets the road.

Common Sizes for Cars and Trucks

There are many different sizes for cars and trucks, but the most popular are 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″ 19, 20″ 22″. These measurements refer to the diameter of the object. The diameter is the width measured across one face through the center on a horizontal plane. Take a look at the following image to see how this is measured.

How Does This Affect Your Vehicle’s Performance?

To understand what makes up performance in a car we need to take a closer look at each component. The three major components are horsepower, torque, and gearing.

Horsepower is how powerful the engine is. It can be found by multiplying torque times rpm. Torque is a force that makes it possible to move and stop objects, like your wheels. Gearing refers to the connection between the engine and the wheels, or more specifically axle.
As mentioned before, size affects the acceleration, braking distance, cornering ability, and gas mileage of your car. It can also affect stability and maneuverability.

If your wheels are too small, you’ll have reduced gas mileage and increased engine strain because it will be forcing the engine to work harder to maintain the same speed. If they are too big, they might restrict the suspension, which will cause damage over time.

Should I Get Larger Wheels on My Truck or SUV?

Larger wheels raise the truck higher into the air which increases ground clearance. The wider diameter allows for larger tires to be installed on the truck or SUV. And that can help vehicle handling on dirt and gravel surfaces. So if find yourself driving down unpaved roads frequently, this might be the way to go.

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