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The average car’s life expectancy is 15 years. If you are in the market for a new set of tires, it might be worth your while to consider alloy wheels. They are more expensive upfront, but they have many benefits that make them well worth the investment in the long-run. Here are four reasons why upgrading  will help improve your driving experience and lower costs over time!

1) They Look Better Than Steel Wheels

The standard factory tires that come on most cars are unattractive, and they can rust over time. Alloy wheels not only look nicer than steel, but the clear coat finish won’t chip or fade due to exposure to UV rays. They retain their luster for years longer than painted metal! If you’re driving a used car with rusted or damaged steel wheels, you might want to think about an upgrade.

2) They Are Sturdier Than Steel

One of the biggest benefits is that they are very lightweight and sturdy. They can safely endure more weight per square inch than standard factory-installed rims made from stamped metal with sharp edges which often bend and crack. If you want to install a snazzy set on your car, but need to make sure they can handle the weight of the spare tire in the trunk or cargo area, don’t worry! Most are rated for up to 100 pounds per square inch (psi).

3) You Can Save Money On Gas Because You’ll Need Less Power 

You might think that they are heavier than steel, and will increase fuel costs. In actuality, they’re lighter! A set of four standard factory-installed tires can add up to 50 pounds per pop, whereas a set of four better quality only weighs around 20 lbs each. This means you’ll need less power from the engine to get your car moving, meaning you’ll save money on gas!

4) They Make it Easier For Drivers to Handle Slippery Roads 

On snowy days, they can make it much easier to drive your car. A full set of four factory rims can add up to 50 pounds per and makes the vehicle harder and more dangerous to handle when driving on snow-covered roads or highways. Alloy rims are made from aluminum which is a light metal that won’t drag

5) Alloy Wheels Are Easy to Repair and Maintain

If you ever get a flat tire and need to change it in the snow or on an unpaved area, alloy makes this much easier. They don’t rust like steel rims do over time, so if your rim gets bent out of shape from hitting a pothole or curb too hard while driving (or getting hit by another car), it’s not a big deal to bend it back into shape with your hands!

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